KW Library of Things


The Kitchener-Waterloo Library of Things will be a space where you can borrow infrequently used items such as tools or camping equipment. We'll be open soon, but here are some reasons why local community members love us already...

Save money
By borrowing instead of purchasing items you use infrequently, you save your own money.
Save the environment
Reduce the resources you consume and the number of items you send to the landfill by sharing.
Support your community
Your membership fees provide inclusive employment opportunities in your own community.

Donations & Memberships

Donating items

We’ve received over 350 donated items through the generosity of the Kitchener-Waterloo community! We are still looking for the items below. Feel free to drop them off at 91 Moore Ave (Extend-A-Family’s office and the future site of the library) anytime between 9am-4:30pm on a Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Email if you have any questions about donations.

Tools Cooking items Camping equipment
Aerator Canning Pot, Tongs, and Rack Camping cookware
Air compressor Food Processor Folding Chair
Auger Large Crock Pot Grill Basket
Axe Large Soup Pot Headlight
Bench Vice Pasta Maker Sleeping Bag
Bolt Cutter Stand mixer Sleeping Pads
C clamps
Cordless Drill
Crow Bar
Deck Straightener
Drain Snake
Ear Muffs
Extension Cord
Extension Pole
Fiskars Billhook Saw
Framing Square
Grease Gun
Hard Hat
Linoleum Cutter
Measuring Tape
Nail Gun
Paint Roller Cage
Paint Scraper
Pipe Cutter
Putty Knife
Rotating Vise
Staple Gun
Triangle Square
Utility Knife
Work Bench


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Who are we

Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region

Co-Founding Organization

Devon Fernandes


Sustainable Societies Consulting Group

Co-Founding Organization

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